The sound of my blog: Help me lose my mind

Most readers who`ve followed me for a while, know about my fatal attraction to music. I both listen to and create my own songs, and the very best of them awaken a whirlwind of goosebumps and life stretching towards the sky. Music has been close to my heart since I could open my mouth and let my sounds free. Sometimes they`d got blocked by an impressive number of sturdy walls, but some tones always found their way through the cracks. Today I`ve collected several sounds that crept the long way to my heart, and for that, they deserve extra attention. Not many manage to get that far, and when they do, I never forget them.


Chameleon (Margaret Berger album)
The first (and best so far)  album (Margaret Berger)         Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It was maybe not strange that the song I`m talking about came from two of the artists I`ve followed since I heard their sound escaping from their prisons. When I recognize it, that quality that reminds me of hidden gems, I immediately turned my ears towards it, so I won`t miss another sound onwards. Both artists; Margaret Berger (she was in Eurovision 2013 and in Norwegian Idol many years ago) and Gabrielle (Norwegian Idol) hooked me immediately. Margaret`s first audition was raw, true and showed her hidden talent. She didn`t yet know how great she was, but somehow I felt it. I crossed my fingers and hoped she would win. She didn`t win. She got the second place, which didn`t matter at all all, since she already was a winner and probably needed to go her own way anyway. She was the first Norwegian winner (after the winner of world Idol, Kurt Nilsen) that really made it. I followed my shining star proudly, and went to the two concerts she had in Bergen. I even got her autograph, not caring I`d had to stand in line with a bunch of 13-year olds. I still cheer internally when I hear her name, and my respect for her is if possible even greater than it was for the shy girl who just wanted to sing.  This respect has now grown to something that equals love, as far as something can when one doesn`t know the person, when I discovered she had teamed up with my other favorite Idol-artist.She must have seen the qualities I saw, or maybe Gabrielle saw hers? No matter how and why, they have in fact come together and made a song. It is a cover, and I hadn`t heard the original before. What my ears and soul do recognize, is this: Magic does happen. All the time.

My heart flutters. Another treasure to my growing chest of wonders. 



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