Summertime gladness

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In two weeks we will be in Croatia. I can’t wait, but unfortunately have to. Not only that, these two weeks will be very busy, since I have much work to do. Due to a change in the group of patients I will work with, I have to say goodbye to many of my trauma patients (but not all, luckily), and that means overtime.

But, it will be worth it. I can process the loss of not seeing many of my lovely patients while lying on a beach in split, and look forward to all the wonderful people I will see in my office come August.


Why I love my country 

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There are so many reasons why I love Norway. This video is one of them. My breath still is taken away when I see parts of my beautiful country. I’m so lucky to live here. 

I live in Bergen now, and this picture is just so wonderful. 

This is for you lexborgia

Red brick road

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My boyfriend is snoring, so instead of trying to sleep I embrace the opportunity to write. My mind was occupied anyway with memories and random thoughts, so why not write it down instead?

Last weekend me and my boyfriend went to Poland. It was a great trip, where we had four whole days to do whatever we wanted. We managed to do some sightseeing, try an escape room for the first time, and take a day-trip to Berlin. The city we travelled to in Poland is called Szczecin, just a 2,5 hour bus drive to Germany`s capital city. Since it was cold, we did not see everything that was there, but we took the “red walk”, seeing some of the main attractions.

The so called “red walk” connects nearly all the attractions within the centre. This is by far the best way to discover the centre on foot, as all attractions are marked by a number (there are about 40) on the pavement, so you won’t miss one. At each of them there is a sign explaining some details about the sights.


One of the attractions in Szczecin

Like Dorothy in the wizard of oz, we were safely taken to our targets by following the red lines. My shoes were sadly not red and pretty (and not very warm), but it was still a nice walk.

Szczecin is a pretty city, regardless of its unpronounceable name.

The creativity (and humor) of the hard-working Polish people also manifested itself on the bus to Berlin. There was a little menu describing what we could buy if we got hungry or thirsty, and on it there was a small addition: You could get a friendly neighbor for free!


Need a friendly neighbor? 

Every city has something special, but the people you travel with makes the exploration of it even more memorable and exciting . I am glad I came to this part of Poland that I knew nothing about, happy to have seen the world through Polish eyes. Although I`ve read that the country has its problems, like a high unemployment rate, Poland still manages to show itself from its best side. Maybe a hard life makes people focus on what is good in life? We all know that people who look at the bright side and build on their strength when life gets difficult, can achieve great things. Painting the road with red lines might not seem like something groundbreaking, but it is clever.

I could have written a lot more about the trip, but will leave it for now. I can`t wait to go and explore more of the world. For now, I will just remember the weekend and soak up creativity whenever I encounter it.

The richest and most beautiful county in the world 

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I promised one of my readers that I would include pictures from my country. I will  publish a post later with pictures of Bergen where I live now, but I want to give a taste of my wonderful county now with this tasty appetizer. Are you wondering where you should travel next? Well, maybe you will consider Norway. And if you need a guide, I would be happy to show you the best places to go. 

If you are interested you can also visit my Pinterest site for more inspiration 

Where I grew up (Jølster)

Going to Cuba

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On Wednesday I am getting on a plane again. This time, my destination is Cuba. I am traveling with one of my best friends, and almost can`t wait. We will see three places: Havana, Vinales and Trinidad. A month ago we met a guy who was in Cuba last november. He gave us a lot of tips, so we have prepared well. None of us are good at planning ahead, as we love to explore and go where the wind takes us, so it was luck that we met him. Normally we book hotels right before we go, but he told us that in Cuba things are different. There are not many hotels, so you have to live at people`s houses. Finding a place proved to be difficult. We had to wait for confirmation when we sent a request, so finding a place in Vinales took us two weeks since we just could send one request per day. But now we have somewhere to stay for our ten days there, and we also have some plans: We want to go horseback riding, cycle, and visit a wonderful beach. This summer I just went to Italy for four days, and with a terrible summer in Norway, sun and relaxation is just what I need.

If anybody here has been to Cuba before, feel free to recommend more things to do.



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right now it’s raining outside. Typical Bergen. The city is actually known for the rain, but I don’t think the difference between where I’m living now and Bergen is so great. I’m including some pictures from the old part of town. This is a area full of charming wood houses, that have been there for a long time


On my way to Bergen

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I’m on my way to Bergen, right now on a small ferry. It’s good to get out of my car and feel the fresh air. In Bergen I will spend the next two nights with my sister and then with my childhood friend. I will also meet other friends, and I know it will be good to see them all again! Here are two pictures from the ferry. 


The sound of Italy

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I have been in Italy three times. The first time was with my scout group when I was 15. I can still remember walking in the small city near the border of Switzerland, even if I don`t remember it`s name. The whole atmosphere of the place was completely different from anything I`ve ever experienced before. I felt at home and free. It was like I was born to live in that country, and that feeling has never waned. My second trip was together with my ex-boyfriend, when we went to Venezia. Before we got there, we stayed at a camping site right outside the town for two days. Our tent went up for the fifth time that summer, and we settled down in the sun. The first night came with thunder. We could see the lightning from afar, and I put up my camera and took some pictures that captured the moment forever. I felt as energized as the thunder surrounding us. With forces like that, you realize how powerful nature is. You see the beauty of life, and it seeps into you like good memories with the people you love. The morning afterwards we slept in, and I awoke to the sound of Italy. A group of Italian youngsters were playing soccer right outside our tent, and the energy of it felt like I was right there, playing myself. Suddenly I heard one of the kids shout loudly “BRAVO”. I think that was the moment I realized that I had to learn the language that expressed life. Tomorrow I will do exactly that. For the second time, I am attending an Italian course together with a group of lively Norwegians, who for different reasons want to do the same as me. We learn verbs, words and pronunciations. We are still at the basics, but it makes every fiber in my body sing together with the words I love. I get goosebumps when I hear another perfect word, because to me, the language is exactly that. I know my love for the country and it`s culture will bring me closer to really learning all I can before I travel there again. My next goal is to visit Cinque Terre, a picturesque town where no cars can enter. I will walk around in the sunshine like I have done several times before, letting its culture envelop me like a soft blanket.

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The sound of silent islands

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I have been on islands. To be more specific, I have travelled to Scotland and isle of coll. This is a calm and relaxed island. We stayed in a little cottage, and met some really friendly isle-dwellers. Everyone said hi no matter if they didn’t know us. They loved to chat, about everything from the weather to the fact that Scotland is still not an independent country. They smiled and looked like they had all the time in the world. Not something you see in cities around the world. I also went cycling through a flat and beautiful landscape. I could also read as much as I wanted, and wasn’t disturbed by the constant internet frenzy that normally haunt every second of my life. It was a pleasant bubble where I slept and felt well. In other words, I do recommend this little island if you need a break.

I have included some pictures. Hope you enjoy them