Rejecting rejection

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A group of black-clad people walk in a line. Their hands raised upwards, holding a heavy plate of steel in their hands. Each step is tiresome, but they go forward. One step in the right direction, is one away from carrying anything more. One step means the burden is less and that the solution comes nearer. They don`t have to carry it forever, but right now, they do. No one force them; They have liftet each steel plate on their own accord, since they`ve seen that it would be too hard for one person alone.

I do truly love people. It`s important to remember, that each times our hearts breaks, there will be many who want to put Band-Aids on it.

I have invited some of my lovely friends over tonight, just to cook dinner, watch some funny movie (any tips?), talk like girls do, and make something beautiful and scrapbook-alike. We need beauty, but most importantly, we need to believe in beauty, even when darkness falls upon us.

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From the kindness blog: My Mom Found an Envelope in Her Mailbox

How can you change the world?:

 Let us change the world


One thought on “Rejecting rejection

    lexborgia said:
    September 24, 2013 at 12:07

    There’s Something About Mary/Ben Stiller)/ Pain & Gain(Mark Wahlberg+The Rock)/ Rat Race(Ben Stiller, Cuba Gooding etc).

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