The sound of empty discussions

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We have to choose our government for the next four years

Every fourth year, we have an election in NOrway that will show who shall govern us for the next four years. This years I am not sure what party I shall choose, since I must reverse my thinking to see which party I really DON`T want to govern us. This might seem strange, but the thing is, that we have been led by «The labour party» that focus on equality and a good welfare system. The problem now, is not that we should get even wealthier, I would actually like a party that focus on what I feel is important elecright now: Saving money, and using the money we already have, on environmental research and a new lifestyle concerned about our environment. We should develop ourselves in a direction based on humanitarian values, concerned about the world outside our safe boundaries. We should really try to do something about the dwindling resources and reward those who work for people and their welfare. We don`t need more advanced technology or better defense against war, we need to find ways to teach others conflic-resolutions, how to work together and how to help others. If we don`t, the world will soon be empty of life, because we didn`t take care of our planet. It`s allright for us, who will die anyway, but what about your grandchildren? Do you want that they shall live on gene-modified food? Do people wish for more cities, less nature and an even busier life so that it`s possible to buy a even fancier car? Isn`t it more important with more quality time together with your friends and family? Isn`t that what life is all about? I keep wondering, but the scary thing is that this is not discussed in the political debates. When young people are asked about what they will think about when voting they say: Cheaper alcohol or smoke! Is that our future? Raving teenagers just living for the next drink? And why has the party who wants to give us these short-term pleasures, suddenly become so popular? Where are the debates about how we treat our increasingly more depressed population?

Labour Party (Norway)
Labour Party (Norway) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



2 thoughts on “The sound of empty discussions

    awax1217 said:
    August 31, 2013 at 10:39

    This is not just a problem for Norway. We have the same problem in the U.S. It is difficult to believe but the popularity of our Congress is way below fifty percent. We have a lot of people who propose to lead but their ideas are way out of sync. What happened to progressive thinking, of thinking of the real future. You pointed out a lot of negatives and I am afraid that the world is leaning that way. Pure nature is going by the way of the dinosaur. When I was young my generation seemed to want to change the world for the good. I went into teaching with doing good in mind. Looking at the world today I am afraid that we did not succeed. But the fact that there is mirror girl and a lot of others on the web reflecting a desire to do good and change the world for the better does encourage me.

    brokenbutbeingrepaired said:
    August 31, 2013 at 20:48

    From the little I know of Norwegian politics and Norway in general, I’m in awe of it. That is probably because from what I’ve seen Norway is far further to the left politically than most of Europe and is cited as a model that many other ‘up and coming’ european countries aspire to.

    Good luck in deciding who to vote for and I wish Norway a positive future.


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