Slow haste

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My steps are soaked up by the blend of Norwegian mold and grass. The sun is stretching its arms out, like someone waving from a train window. All these glorious moments: Sleeping under the warm blanket of night, stars pulsing their ancient secrets. Thoughts catching the clear ideas, embedding them into the safety of the balmy, warm evening. One thought shine clearer than all, and that is: “I think I will remember this night forever”.

I did. Flashes. Memory flashes, of glory in the moment, like still water on a summer day. A whale finally breaking the surface for fresh air, the handkerchief you desperately needed.

Burning Bridges (Haste the Day album)
Burning Bridges (Haste the Day album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I`m staring at the roof, feeling the enormity of time pressing against my chest. Questions arising like the swell of an ocean, bringing with them a whole set of new ones from the deepest seas.              “How wil Il think in five years? Will I even remember that I wondered?” I know the answer to it know. I DID remember that question, and I still do.  Today I live in the moments of joy, still asking myself what I`ll remember or not. I remember steps over mossy ground, right after seeing my lovely friend, her newborn in her arms. She had complete satisfaction glowing from her radiant face. Did the glow flow through the walls, with the wind, into the grass? I ask, because the green color feels so alive, like I was living in its richness. I also remember children`s happiness, and the momentum of the ball before it touches the net. The crisp reality of it, weaved into the next moment that left the last behind. And I know, this will be remembered too. I don`t want to forget another step. This moment, is life. It`s Essence; The odor that lingers on your lover`s skin.

The speed of the rain as it thunders down, grabs my attention before it hits target. I take another step into what was unknown two seconds before. I crash into it with heart and soul, leaving the certainty of the new move in it`s wake.


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