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If I was a soldier
today was about: Who would you like to be, or who do you want to be YOU for a day, and what could they learn from it?
I will choose the last challenge, but also want to answer the first question. I`ve always wondered how it must be to live under really terrible conditions. I know how I squirm at everything pain-related, and feel frozen very fast when the temperature is going down. I have never felt real painful hunger or had to endure torture or abuse. I have not even broken one bone in my body. Not saying that I really long for this, it`s honestly the opposite of what I would dream of, but at the same time, I think it would be something I would really learn from. That`s why the person I would choose, is somebody in real pain, some way or another. It might be the girl with cancer that eats her alive, or a hungry mother who barely can move her sore feet. It can be a soldier who was hit by a bullet that tears his insides apart.

I work as a psychologist myself, and relating to others is one of my most important tasks. But of course, there is no way I can always feel what my clients do, no matter how hard I try. If I manage to help them devour just one part of the unwelcome cake, I feel happy. I can feel what they feel in some ways. One example is my chest tightening when observing fear, or getting a headache while somebody talk about their stress. But I can, and do shake it off at the end of our session

b344ea72aa6a7d613388ebc2dfa876e9I would love for people out there to walk in MY shoes. Not because I have a secret wish that people might praise me and see how fantastic I am, but because I think it would give them something. I love my work because I learn so much, and also because I have the incredible chance to see important changes taking place. I see strength, and can almost hear people grow in front of me. Nothing is prettier than finally giving a thirsty plant water, and I also love to feel the unfairness of the world, together with them. People shouldn`t feel alone, in their darkest hour. If YOU wanted to be me, you could sit in my office, making tea for yourself and the client in front of you, listening to their accounts of major life events. It`s like opening a brittle book, and you`r task is to really listen as they talk. Sometimes you have to work with yourself: When you get irritated you have to take a mental step back and ask yourself: Why is this making me react? They sit here, and tell something important, and I feel irritation? If you feel this for a friend, you normally shrug it off. As a psychologist, this is one of the tools available, and you use them frequently. Instead of just acting out your irritation, you observe it, and think it through. When did it come? Was it something she said? An example would be a man who talks about his ability to conquer women. You might react automatically, and the trick then is to see that you do. Does this person push people away with his attitude? When you register what`s going on, you can act more like you want to, because you got more room available for other feelings. Maybe you notice sadness dripping in, together with the though: He must feel so lonely.

I think people would love to be given this opportunity, also because you would realize how normal it really is to feel bad. I have clients earning much, and some earning nothing. I meet so many exciting personalities, and there is no difference between how they look or act. I would love to share this realization with everyone, because it is truly amazing that people can thfb012872756e927e5c0757060211cf23ink in so many ways. There isn`t just grey out there, but every variation of a color, and if you look carefully, you might even develop more understanding and colors yourself. When you learn about someone`s past, negative thoughts melt away. That`s why it is such an eerie experience to watch Dexter. You know that it`s wrong to kill people, but still you feel worried about him getting caught, because you know him so well. You meet people who do things they regret, which they must live with afterwards. It sooth both you and the person in front of you, to share the pain. You learn the value of forgiveness, and grow comfortable with every emotion and reaction there is. To see both the good and bad sides of life, every day, is truly a blessing, and I would like for you all to be blessed.

At the end of the day you would sit there with hope in your heart, because people survive, live on and then help others get strong. You would be capable of starting chain-reactions. The good news is: You don`t have to be me to do so. Every time you help a girl pick up the books that fell on the floor, or every time you comfort your best friend you create more love and inspire others. Remember; The world would not be the same without you.


4 thoughts on “Freaky friday

    Serena said:
    April 18, 2013 at 17:20

    That was a brave ambition I thought, a natural response is usually to think of the good stuff first

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    snosler said:
    April 18, 2013 at 18:07

    I loved this – just the one sentence, “to be a soldier” makes me feel … if that makes sense – because I cannot even begin to imagine.

    Who Wants To Be Me? | The Jittery Goat said:
    April 19, 2013 at 02:25

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