Once upon a time “Three Cups of Tea” changed one life…

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I read this book myself, and was so inspired. I love people who follow their dreams, and this man shows that anything is possible! What is YOUR dream? And how will you accomplish it?

Life-Changing Books

Dear reader, 

Today, I am going  to share with you an exciting and, at the same time, touchy story of a person , who managed to stay devoted to his  life-changing book, even after harsh critics about it appeared in the press.

Have you ever thought that just three cups of tea could completely change your perception of life? No?

Well, Boban Markovic from Serbia could not imagine that either…. Until he read the whole story.

”Three cups of tea” by Greg Mortenson and David Relin was published in 2007 and remained the New York Times‘ bestseller nonfiction for four years.

Boban discovered it in 2009,though, when his literature professor suggested him to read it. However, he did not pay much attention to it that time.

He actually read it,when his Pakistani friend, who apparently was more persuasive, mentioned the book again.

This story had a great impact on my life journey


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